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Hi, we're Early Afternoon Tonight, a podcast.  


Our Host is Karl Houser and our band leader is Eric Day.  Watch as these two interview Omaha and bring you the nitty gritty of our beloved city every Sunday!


Other characters in our podcast include:


No Karl, get out of here, I'm working on the podcast about page.  Seriously Karl, you and you're marinara need to leave before you spill it all over my computer, just like last time.  Don't give me that, I saw you.  I was there when you spilled it all over the keyboard.  Oh Jesus, you just spilled marinara all over the cat.  Karl! 

Wait, oh shit, I just typed all of that.  Fuck.  Well, yeah Karl, I would delete it but I can't.  The backspace button no longer works ever since somebody gummed it up with marinara sauce.