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Step up yo gamecast!

Sep 12, 2017

Hey there viewers! Perhaps you've taken a backseat to perpetually watching out podcast with your eyes? We've crafted a poll for you to take with your facebook! Give it a whirl, we'd really love to hear your feed back!

Mar 5, 2017

Y'all got any more of them episodes?  You bet your sweet ass we do!  Come feed your addiction with this brand new episode of Early Afternoon Tonight.  Featuring Tony Thomas and Kayla Bulin, can these guests find their way through the maze of Karl's questions or will they succumb to the bitter answer reality will give...

Oct 23, 2016

Spit on a bird and shake your hands, we have another episode of Early Afternoon Tonight for you.  Episode 4 features Tony Vargas and Dave McInnis.  Will they get to the bottom of these questions, or will they find a ladder and climb out of the very hole we put them in?  Find out tonight!