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Jul 16, 2017

Turn your head and cough, please.  Hmm, I see, take this episode of Early Afternoon Tonight and call me in the morning.  Featuring Lisa Fisher and Gabriel and Graham Burkum (Jagaja), our guests question Karl's insurance status, but will his answer pre-determine his own denial?  Find out tonight!

Jul 9, 2017

Like Father like Son, this episode of Early Afternoon Tonight is chalk full of that good ol' sagely advice.  Our guests and fathers, Thomas Day and Phil Houser, enter the studio to answer exactly where they went wrong with our humble hosts, or will they defer the question to our mothers?  Find out tonight!

Jul 2, 2017

Let's cross these i's and dot these t's with a new episode of Early Afternoon Tonight!  Featuring Jimmy Smith and Sean McArdle; questions such as can I use the bathroom, I don't know, can you?  May or may not be answered.  Find out tonight!